Avialantic's Photo Highlights of the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron Horn Point Fly-in

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Ted Whitcomb's Meyers was the 1996 Grand Champion in the Antique category. Martin Lang's dream of flying and owning a Stearman began at a Horn Point fly-in - his hard work earned the Military Grand Champion award.

We will miss him.

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  David Henderson's 1943 Piper "Flitfire" J-3. This aircraft is restored as it looked when earning support for the wartime RAF, and was Horn Point Grand Champion Warbird for 1993. Experimental rotary-wing Ghia Larry Kelly's UC-17 "Bamboo Bomber" also won an award in 1993, but we won't say what it was.
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It's easy to look good in a Spartan Mike Streiter's Stinson SR-5 is well-known at airshows and fly-ins. Not all H.P. fly-in's are well-attended, but there's always an "aviation moment" like this Fleet and the early morning mist - vision of another era

The grass runways, rural setting, and the Dorchester Museum make the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron's gathering one of the best.

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