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Avialantic's Air Links - updated  12/29/02

Warbirds & Pilots

American Aces of WWII
Lots of information, including easy to read tables, on the great pilots

The Black Sheep
A lot more than a TV show

the Blayde Corporation
the Misubishi A6M2 Zero recreated

The Brewster Buffalo
here's a place where it gets some respect

Cessna Warbirds
You've read the book, now visit the web site

Featuring "The List" of project warbirds

Flying Tigers

Flying Tigers Association

Dick Rossi
the Flying Tiger ace tells his story

More Tigers...    Erik Shilling    R.T. Smith

don't miss the fantastic photos of Shilling's reunion with his P-40C

Fei Hu Films
the ultimate Flying Tiger Video

Gathering of Corsairs & Legends
Corsairs, Black Sheep and others at Mt. Comfort, Indiana Sept. 6-8 2002

International B-24 Crew Registry
Aircrew database operated by the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum and the International B-24 Museum located in Pueblo, Colorado

Messerschmidt bf-109 
photos, sounds, survivors, extensive profile

Col. Robert Morgan
the pilot of "Memphis Belle" and "Dauntless Dotty"

Ford and North American both built Classics

North American Top Gun
We want YOU to be a Fighter Pilot! - fly a real T-6 in air-to-air combat

Northrop P-61 Black Widow

Earl M. Tigner
Earl flew P-61's in the Pacific - much information here

Skylighters and Nightfighters
Excellent P-61 history section of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion home page

The Widow's Web
the Mid Atlantic Air Museum's Black Widow

Planes & Pilots of WWII
first-hand accounts by Flying Tigers (above) and many others

P2V Neptune.org
great Neptune page with links to several others which I haven't had time to add here yet

P-38 National Association
Dedicated to preserving the history of Lockheed's Lightning - "Der Gabelschwanz Teufel"

P-51 "Gathering of Mustangs"
largest gathering of P-51 Mustangs since World War II and Korea - Kissimmee, Florida April 7-10 1999

P-61 Black Widow
The Mid Atlantic Air Museum's restoration of the only flying P-61B

A personal page featuring the RAAF in WWII 

a full operational history of the Supermarine Spitfire

Stallion 51
If everybody who visits Avialantic in one week would just send me a dollar...

Tony Markl's L-16A
You can get tailwheel instruction in it too

Warbirds World Wide
Diving for warbirds and flying with the Collings Foundation

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