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Avialantic friends and fellow travellers - acoustic and otherwise

Best contemporary group (IMHO - which is what matters, of course)

Joe Byrd
most extroadinary bass, blues, and Brazilian

Brent Lewis
He's got rhythm

Christopher Franke
from Tangerine Dream to Babylon 5 and other great creations

Collector's Choice

Columbia Festival of the Arts

Columbia Lakefront Festival

Columbia Orchestra

Corky Siegel's Planet
"There's a fine line between a genius and a madman
- and Corky walks it!" - Nardome's Gallery of Sound

Dan Hicks

D.C. Area Folk

J. D. Blackfoot
"Lain out on the dawn of creation
The King hath named it ground
And He hath given to the Earth people,
To sit and look profound
But they will be known as love creatures,
Born to live on sound, sound, sound, sound..."

Junior Wilson
one-stop shopping for outstanding string muscianship

The Kennedys
Pete and Maura

Iain Matthews
Still can't figure out why this guy isn't rich and famous

Mike Nesmith's Video Ranch
Nez' creative headquarters

Music for Flute & Guitar
fusion & classical from an old Atari friend

Acoustic guitars and occasional sheep

Rounder Records

Schooner Fare
Another reason I'd like to live in Maine

Song Pilot
Dwayne O'brian captures what "Flying Music" is all about

Video Ranch
'Nez own page

Shawn Phillips

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