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Avialantic's Air Links - updated  3/26/06

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Museums, Historic, Recovery & Restoration Groups, Aviation History

U. S. Air Force Museum 
the shrine at Wright-Patterson

Air Force History and Museums
the ultimate FAQ on Air Force history

Air & Space Museum 
the Big One in D.C. 

Air & Space Museum Paul Garber facility
Paul Garber Restoration Facility

The Airline History Museum of Kansas City
The Museum Formerly Known as "Save A Connie"

Air Mobility Command Museum
Dover AFB - the Great Transports plus B-17, F-106 and more

Air Victory Museum
A treasure in South Jersey

alt text="Avro Arrow, CF-105, Jet Interceptor, NASA, Aviation History"

Atlantic Warbirds
beautiful C-54, C-47 and more

Aviation Museum of Kentucky
Blue Grass Airport in Lexington

 The Aviation Hall of Fame & Museum of New Jersey

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum 
home of the Lancaster and other great Aircraft - great page! 

Castle Air Museum
Wow - they have a B-36 and a Vulcan and lots of other stuff!

Centennial of Flight
The Big Hundreth is almost upon us - this is the official U. S. Centenial of Flight Commission site

College Park Airport Museum 
the Wright Brothers, Hap Arnold, Henry Berliner and others at the "World's Oldest Continuously Operating Airport" 

the Collings Foundation 
What's happening with "909" and "the Dragon and His Tail" - the B-24 formerly known as "All American"

Cold War Museum
does the name "Francis Gary Powers" mean anything to you ?

Commemorative Air Force
the Air Force formerly known as Confederate

the Constellation Group
the MATS Connie

Curtiss Museum
highlighting the "Spirit of Innovation"

Dick Rossi's autobiography (C.C. Jordan's Planes & Pilots of WWII)
the AVG story from one who was there - now president of the The Flying Tigers Association

Fantasy of Flight Museum
Kermit Week's answer to Disney World

The Flying Tigers Annals
lots of information and resources about the AVG

The Freedom Museum
Illustrating that Freedom is definitely not "Free"

The Official Glacier Girl Online Museum
The P-38 From Under the Ice - see also the Lost Squadron page below

Glenn L. Martin Museum
history of the great aircraft manufacturer and more

Golden Age Museum

"How we made the First Flight" 
Orville Wright's account of the great event 

International Women's Air & Space Museum 
From Napolean's Chief Air Minister of Ballooning Madame Blanchard to astronaut Dr. Sally Ride - a new page dedicated to women in aviation

The Lost Squadron
Greenland's deep-frozen P-38's - one back, 5 to go... see also the Glacier Girl page above

March AFB Museum
lots and lots of neat stuff - also the home of the P-38 National Association and the 475th F.G. 

Mid Atlantic Air Museum 
Home of the rare P-61 "Black Widow"

Museum of Flying 
Another great museum appears on the Web... Santa Monica's Museum of Flying is located at the original site of the Douglas Aircraft Company 

National Aviation Museum - Ottawa
"Canada's answer to the National Air & Space Museum" - AOPA Pilot


The National Warplane Museum 
home of the "Wings of Eagles" airshow 

National Museum of Naval Aviation 
Wonderful place! When you visit in person, go when the Blues are doing their Pensacola Beach or Homecoming show

New England Air Museum 
New page on the Web - some of you may remember it as the Bradley Air Museum 

Old Rhinebeck 
The late Cole Palin's wonderful WWI flying museum

Owls Head Transportation Museum
Home of the Penaud Planaphore and other oddities, plus lots of neat non-flying contraptions - and it's in Maine

P-38 National Association
Dedicated to preserving the history of Lockheed's Lightning

Pacific Coast Air Museum 
Newly formed, this museum already has an impressive collection of military jets 

Paul Garber Facility  
The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum's aircraft restoration facility 

Piper Aviation Museum 
Take the "Sentimental Journey" to Loch Haven

Planes of Fame
One of the Pioneer museums, and one of the best

Preserved Military Aircraft
where they are - Bob McKeller has taken over Ben Marselis' effort to list all the warbirds

Prop-Liners of America
Currently operating a Convair 240 but more on the way...

SAC - now known as The Airline History Museum of Kansas City
the "Save A Connie" organization - one of very few Constellations still flying 

Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives 
not just for helicopters either

Tennessee Museum of Aviation

Trader Jon's 
Help preserve Trader's legacy - the famous Naval Air/Blue Angels shrine, bar, & Museum 

The Tuskegee Airmen 
Their love of flying and their pride overcame racism and saved many a bomber crew.

Valiant Air Command
home of the TICO airshow 

Vulcan Restoration Trust 
No - not the pointy-eared people, this is the delta-winged bomber. There was a great Vulcan fly-by at Andrews AFB in 1984 (I think - anyway the year of the Falklands disagreement) and I had no camera. Still haven't gotten over it.

Western Museum of Flight 
home of the Northrop Flying Wings 

Wright Flyer Project 
building the Wright Flyer with modern technology - fascinating study 

Wright Brothers Natiional Museum Home Page 
Kill Devil Hill

Yankee Air Museum
home of the B-17 "Yankee Lady"

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