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Dedication                  Wings over Washington

Wings Over Washington an 18 aircraft success! (1993? Sure couldn't do this now!)

The NASA/Goddard Flying Club in Greenbelt, Maryland, in the past a major nucleus of Wings of Warmth, brought the Holiday Spirit home this year with a flight from the College Park Airport (CGA) to National Airport (DCA), a unique and satisfying experience for the 18 pilots who flew 23 sorties to deliver clothing, toys, and food to the area's needy.

(l to r) NGFC members Deane Charleson and Tom Paradis with Mike Strieter of the Potomac Antique Aero Squadron. Goddard Aircraft Club's Cessna 293 has participated in all but the first (1989) Wings of Warmth/Wings over Washington flights.

More W.O.W.

[Goddard Aircraft Club 172]

No one knows when the first human gazed enviously at a bird and longed to join it high above the earth. Many thousands of years have undoubtedly passed since that first whistful envy was felt and the longing never ceased until this brief split second of existence when we most fortunate ones were finally able to slip those surly bonds. To DaVinci and the Wrights, to Fred Weick and Jeff Ethell and Sir Frank Whittle and to the countless others who have labored and the many who died to bring us this gift these pages are dedicated. [Vintage Pair]

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