These photos are part of a departure gift album from my friends in the Photo Lab in August of 1971

View from the North - the batchelors pool & Rich theater are in the foreground The Photo Lab - run by Kentron at the time Spartan launch - looks like it's from the Lab. I think I shot this one. The Yokwe Yuk Theater
aerial of Kwaj photolab.jpg (45362 bytes) spartlnch.jpg (57550 bytes) yuktheat.jpg (70338 bytes)
The Yuk Club lounge Meck Island Tradewinds Snack Bar The "Fishing Pier" - my shot
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These three  are by Jim Wheat The Crossroads shot from the Sands - my shot
cross.jpg (46141 bytes) pier2.jpg (35360 bytes) sunset.jpg (30928 bytes) xroads.jpg (32960 bytes)
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